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La Fantaisie is a blooming alcove

peaceful joy

Situated on rue Cadet, La Fantaisie is the dream of the garden brought to life. Inspired by local history, our hotel reimagines the story of master gardeners Jean & Jacques Cadet. During the reign of Charles IX, the brothers transformed the road we are located on into abundant market gardens

Today, La Fantaisie restores that prosperous verdancy to the 9th arrondissement. As one of the only five-star hotels with a full garden and expansive rooftop bar in the heart of Paris, we offer a uniquely enchanting experience in an already enchanting city.

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We are ideally situated in the heart of the 9th district and within walking distance of Pigalle and the Grand Magasins.

Brown sunlit building entrance door
Traditional bakery storefront
View of a church and Montmartre
Rue Cadet with locals walking by
Outdoor cafe terrace
Entrance to Passage Verdeau Paris
Library storefront in Paris